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Is it possible to Hack Kik?

by Jeremy Jones

Kik Hacking

Kik has slowly but steadily grown to one of the biggest social media applications. Especially in the United States the use of the app is very widespread. Kik is mostly used by teenagers. The main reason why Kik is so popular is because it uses usernames to connect to people, rather than phone numbers. This gives people a sense of anonymity. However, this anonymity could quickly fade if Kik Hacks that are found all over the internet such as on this website http://kik-hack.com are not addressed sooner rather than later.

Is it actually possible to hack Kik accounts?

Yes, I have done extensive research on this topic, and it seems quite easy to hack into a kik account. The aforementioned website makes it possible for anyone to hack into a Kik account. You need no technological knowledge at all. I tried it out with my own username and to my surprise my account was hacked within mere seconds.

How do I prevent my account from getting hacked?

Preventing your account from getting hacked is not easy since all they need is your username in order to hack your account. However, one step you can take is to not give your username to people you do not trust. If they do not know your username then your account will be safe.

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